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Resource Associates' Project Plan Development Service will substantially increase your chance of obtaining grant funding. For this service, we offer a one-day project planning session to those clients who are ready to seek or are currently seeking large dollar grant awards. When written properly, all grants require a comprehensive description of the 'project' that will be implemented with grant funds as well as very specific goals, objectives, milestones, and activities that must be accomplished to ensure that project is a success. When a grant writer is able to spend time with a client - getting to know the client's programs, partners, goals, vision, and community - the writer can better articulate these elements in the grant proposal. The project planning session gives our writers the opportunity to do just that - spend a day meeting with you (and/or your staff and partners) and getting to know everything about what drives your organization and what makes your project fundable. During the session, the scope of your project and the grant(s) that you will be (or are) pursuing will be discussed in much greater depth so that clear action items and a detailed project plan can be developed and properly described in your grant proposal(s). This extra step in the grant development process will greatly improve the quality of your proposal(s) and awardability.

Contact us by phone at 505-326-4245 or email us to have our grant writers customize a project plan just for you.

Cost: $1,500 (plus travel or connectivity expenses, as required)






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