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In addition to our staff of expert grant writers and researchers from throughout the United States, the following administrators of Resource Associates help run the company to ensure the highest quality customer service possible.

John Nawrocki

John Nawrocki,

Business Development Manager

As an expert in business development and management, John is primarily responsible for overseeing Resource Associates' services offered to our for-profit clientele. He works very closely with our clients as he advises them of the best course of action to achieve their funding goals. Depending on this recommendation, John and his team of business development experts can assist you by creating an in-depth grant and funding research report, a business plan and marketing feasibility study, grant proposals, and much more. John is a very gifted grant writer who specializes in Department of Health and Human Services grants and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants. John taught classes in Composition Fundamentals and College Composition at Colorado State University where he holds a Bachelor's Degree in English. He further completed the coursework for a Master's in Literature at the university. After a successful career in the US Army, John spent a number of years as a Publications Manager at Integrity Publishing, a publisher of custom client-driven magazines showcasing Charitable Foundations, Chambers of Commerce, and Visitors Bureaus and has extensive corporate experience working in executive positions with companies such as the Avis/Budget Group, Cingular Wireless and Canon Business Solutions.

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Julie Merryman

Julie Merryman,

Outreach Associate

Julie Merryman has been working at Resource Associates' New Mexico headquarters for more than two years now. Either Julie or John will typically be your first point of contact. Julie serves as an important outreach liaison for the company who helps potential clients find out what opportunities are available to them. Julie is an expert at all services offered by Resource Associates and will help guide you on the most efficient path to obtain financial assistance for your venture. Julie helps lead our individual and for profit service system, helping these entities with their search for start up, capital, and expansion dollars. Whether you are with a business or are an individual seeking advisement, Julie will help you find the best solutions for your funding needs.

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