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It is important for informed consumers to understand that a significant portion of the grant funding available in the United States is strictly designated for nonprofit organizations. Whereas 4% of grant opportunities are targeted for businesses and individuals, approximately 25% are targeted for nonprofit organizations. Being affiliated with or incorporated as a nonprofit could mean that you could potentially tap into hundreds of millions more dollars. Thus, to aggressively pursue grants, you may want to consider filing to become a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, nonprofit organization. This IRS classification will make you eligible for a volume of grants that are made available by federal, state, and private grant makers. Resource Associates can develop the instruments you need to become tax-exempt and file the correct paperwork at the state and federal levels. We charge a flat fee to cover our time plus government filing fees. Filing fees usually run from $500-$800. The entire application usually takes 6 months to a year because it is a three-phase process and it is extremely complicated (not something that you would want to do on your own). For example, the first step in this process is to apply for a state nonprofit corporate charter. Then, a federal application for tax exemption must be made. Once we have secured your federal tax exemption, it is necessary to confirm our client's state tax exemption. Ultimately, we will complete all of the documents needed to secure your tax exemption on both of these government levels including: articles of incorporation, bylaws, conflict of interest policies, and the federal and state application forms.

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Cost: Onetime fee ranges between $1,750 and $2,600 depending on the scope of the incorporation project.




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