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Group Training

Get your whole company trained on
how to pursue and secure grant funding

Resource Associates offers one day, 2 day, and weeklong professional development sessions for small and large groups. Whether you are with a university providing small business start up assistance and would like your whole staff to learn how to help your clients secure grant funding - or are with an emerging technology or green energy firm wanting to tap into the new HUD, EPA, and SBIR funding streams, Resource Associates can help build an internal grant writing engine for you with its exceptional group training program.

Every training we offer is specially customized to the interests and needs of our clients. Moreover, every training we offer is conducted by a Resource Associates' tenured grant writer who has a track record and extensive expertise in our client's specific field of operations. The first thing we do to prepare for a training is to engage in a telephone-based strategic planning session with the client. On this call, we discuss potential training topics and content, the knowledge level and skill gaps of the audience, and the overall funding needs of the participant group. This information is then used to form the agenda, curriculum, goals, and objectives for the training. The fact that our trainings are specifically tailored to the audience is what makes this service unique and extremely effective at raising the capacity building skills of those in attendance.

Common topics of our group training
sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding the right grant(s) to fund unique business initiatives
  • Short and long term grant planning and writing programs that work for corporate America
  • Tackling the SBIR challenge
  • Novice grant writing techniques
  • Intermediate grant writing techniques
  • Advanced grant writing techniques
  • Managing and implementing performance-driven grants
  • Evaluating fidelity-driven grants

As our training schedule for this upcoming year is already filling up quickly, we urge you to call us immediately to book your group professional development session—contact us. It is worthy to note that Resource Associates' group trainings are also great fundraising opportunities for sponsoring organizations due to the low training costs and the demand to attend, which is high in most communities. Contact us for additional information on how to book this type of training event.

Cost: $1,500 per training day (plus travel and curriculum material expenses, if relevant)

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