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Just as a building is only as good as the blueprints, a business is only as good as its business plan. A large proportion of US businesses fail because the business planning process was overlooked or was not properly conducted. Resource Associates' business plan service will help you avoid this pitfall. We understand that it is easy to dive in head first into the start up of a new business venture. This is a very exciting time in many entrepreneurs' careers and this essential step is often bypassed. For others who have considered or attempted a business plan, it is very common to become overwhelmed by the complexity of the process. Regardless, any successful entrepreneur will tell you that it is always worth the time and effort to develop a quality business plan. A good, solid business plan is the foundation of the business itself and should be viewed as an investment into the future of your company.

Resource Associates' team of business specialists will take the complexity and confusion out of the business planning process. Our specialists will work closely with you to map out a comprehensive plan that outlines your company's goals, anticipated growth and revenue - as well as every possible route and pitfall the company may experience. Our specialists will work with you to assess all of the risks involved in your investment and the strengths and weaknesses of the company and its products and services. We will also analyze your competition and the components that make them strong or weak. This will help both you and our team to determine what makes the company different from its competitors, thus aiding in your future success. It will also give us the opportunity and tools to profile your target market as we collaboratively define such a market and its consumers and how you can strategically become their number one choice.

With your input, Resource Associates' business specialists will create each component of a workable business plan. These components most often include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Mission Statement
    Your company's mission statement is the most often read, and publicized piece of marketing you have. We will help you to develop a strong and powerful mission statement which draws customers in while inspiring trust and confidence.
  • Executive Summary
    The executive summary depicts a brief and complete portrayal of the business plan. We must highlight your strengths in service and goals for the future to accurately relay your information in a concise and clear format.
  • Structure Design
    This is an essential component as it defines your processes, programs, and the overall cohesion of your company. Financial reports - whether proposed or already in effect - must be defined in order to accurately measure productivity. Also, contained in the structure design is the management map. This lays out the "pecking order" so that your company has a clear definition of each position and where it falls.
  • Breakdown of Services
    The highest mountain a start-up enterprise must scale is that of its services. Whether you have a specific product or simply provide services, they must be spelled out in an easy to understand and concise manner. Prototypes and proposed designs need to be polished before they are submitted for any form of funding assistance.
  • Competitive Market Assessment
    We will assist you in researching the competitiveness of the industry before you dive head-first into the unknown. Without a thorough knowledge of your competitors, you cannot make your product and/or services far exceed theirs. We will assist you in determining the feasibility of your start-up prior to entering the industry.
  • Publicity Blueprints
    We will help you design a blueprint to get the word out about your company. Using your target market and industry write ups, we will decide the most effective strategy for your advertisements and marketing. We are one of the most successful companies in our industry, so let our strategies guide you to success in yours.
  • Financial Forecast
    You may have your company blueprints set, but we all want to see into the future. Resource Associates' skilled team can assist you with this. Your financial forecast will produce a mock up of the next few years. The beginning years are not only the most essential, but also the most difficult for a start-up company. There will always be surprises and bumps along the way; however, we would like to smooth those out with a financial forecast, allowing you (and the bank) to see the projected financial plan for the start-up years.

Contact us by phone at 505-326-4245 or email us to have our skilled business specialist team create a business plan for your company and take the next step towards your goals!

Cost: $2,800


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